Dunnville Authors

Dunnville is home to a few authors, and I mean, successful ones, did you know that?

If you search famous Dunnville people online, you get a list of hockey players and one lacrosse player, occasionally a politician. I’ve mentioned that before. I haven’t read any of the books written by Dunnville authors. I can’t vouch for their quality, but enough other people will if you look them up on goodreads.

Brad Smith.


He also writes screenplays and his books have been made into movies (which I also haven’t seen). I know I try to really promote this town, but I can’t keep up with everything! He’s books are the thriller type – masculine, tough, gritty. I know that “masculinity” is subjective, but what I mean is, it’s all the things people associate with “masculinity”. Brad Smith is a good speaker and really nice guy. (The perks of small town life, you know everyone who lives here, especially when you work in a public building.)

Gord Rollo.

Okay, Gord Rollo is one of the people in Dunnville that I don’t actually know. I had to google if he was actually from Dunnville, because he wasn’t born here and it’s not mentioned anywhere on his website.


He writes horror stories, which may or may not be set in Dunnville. Some reviews list his novel Crimson as being in set in Dunnville but others say Davenport, so I’m guessing there was a name change somewhere along the way. He works are noted for their gore and some people compare his work to Stephen King. As I am not a horror fan in any capacity, (zombies on tv don’t count), I have not read his books, and likely never will simply because I don’t like horror, (it grosses me out and gives me nightmares like I’m a five year old).

Lisa Blackwood.


Both Smith and Rollo make public appearances and have gained some notoriety within the town itself. I’m not entirely sure most people, even in Dunnville, know about Blackwood. She’s very reserved and keeps to herself, and in fact writes with a pen name, but I won’t reveal her true identity. Her books are sci-fi or fantasy, and definitely the ones I would read first. They fit within the increasingly popular supernatural genre, and are love stories. They are not vampire books, thank goodness.

I didn’t link to copies of the books for purchase, but I have linked to all the author webpages, and books can be purchased on their sites.

This list is not exhaustive. Josie Penny, Bill Casselman, and Matt Armstrong have also written books that are widely read. I am sure there are others and would love to be reminded who they are, so that in future, I can blog about them as well!


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