Secret Artist of Dunnville

Growing up in a small town, there is always this sense that you recognize everyone and certainly know everything about the people with whom you grew up and went to school for years. A week ago or so, one of my old classmates was putting up something in the Garfield Disher Room at the Library, and I didn’t really think about it, until the end of day when I went to lock up that area of the Library. It turns out my former classmate is a really talented artist. I sort of remember him being good at Art in school, but he’s never mentioned it any of the times we ran into each other, and I just assumed, as with most adults, his childhood creativity diminished with age. Now, these photos aren’t the greatest. I only had my cellphone with me that day, but keeping that in mind, I know present you with the artwork of Andrew Zahorouski, talented Dunnville artist.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Andrew’s work, please visit his website here or stop by the Dunnville Public Library in the next few weeks. The paintings are even more beautiful in person.


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