Dunnville Authors

Dunnville is home to a few authors, and I mean, successful ones, did you know that? If you search famous Dunnville people online, you get a list of hockey players and one lacrosse player, occasionally a politician. I’ve mentioned that before. I haven’t read any of the books written by Dunnville authors. I can’t vouch […]

Things To Do – Hiking Rock Point Provincial Park

Not only is Dunnville this kinda cute small town, it has a lot of really great parks and scenic views. Even in the winter Rock Point Provincial Park is worth visiting. Just wear boots even on a mild day, because you’re bound to encounter mud. The park is right on Lake Erie, and no matter […]

Agape’s Door Craft Sale November 2014

So…. we hosted another craft sale! I was so impressed with how lovely all the vendor displays were… my tables never look great, so I know how much work goes into having everything look perfect. We weren’t as busy as we could have been, but the soup kitchen raised some money, so that’s the main […]

Introducing a few of our vendors!

The Agape’s Door Soup Kitchen Fundraiser is less than a month away. All the tables are booked and tonight I’m painting part of the Dunnville Teen Photographer’s photo set. I thought I’d introduce everyone to a few of the vendors beforehand, although many of them don’t have websites which I can provide. This way, you […]

This year’s Christmas Craft Fair is fast approaching!

I’m not going to lie, I’m excited about this already, and I don’t have a thing ready for my table! If you’re in the area, we’d love for you to join us! It will definitely be fun. And the Dunnville Teen Photographers would love to practice their portrait skills and snap your photo in their […]