Dunnville: Where to find what you need


Time Capsule. Mid-century furniture, records, collectibles, basically just really awesome stuff. Open by appointment.

Time Capsule 2


LVW Fine Art and Photography. Fine Art for your home.



Crafty Cuzinz. Handmade hats, headbands, quilts, nursing covers, diaper bags and more. Located in Rebecca’s Pantry. Phone: 905-774-5377. Email: craftycuzinz@hotmail.com

nerd baby 2


Rebecca’s Pantry. Bulk & Specialty foods – including a wide selection of gluten free items. Over 100 herbs and spices. Both Crossroads and Country Home candles. Pine Ridge Art Calendars and date books. Supporting local artists, such as Crafty Cuzinz, Olive’s Heirlooms, Shirley’s Sew Designs. We sell Richardson’s Maple Syrup and we now have chocolates from Best Wishes, Edible Florist. We support our local hospital, we now have the Toonies for Tomorrow Campaign running. Downtown Dunnville.

Rebecca's Pantry


Richardson’s Farm and Market. Fresh Produce, Maple Syrup, Corn Maze. Phone: 905-774-7507.

(Also see Sweet Treats for more food options!)


Home Decor

Coles Creative Corner. Handmade signs, wall hooks. Phone: 905-229-9527. Email: mae_elocin@hotmail.com



A Lovely Little World. Fine Art and Lifestyle Photography. Contact via email: alovelylittleworld@yahoo.com

SGWills Photography, Fashion and portrait photographer. Visit her digital portfolio here.


Sweet Treats

Sweet Retrospect. All kinds of candy, retro toys, ice cream, fudge, and other great things, all combined in a cute, colourful store in the downtown core! 170 Queen St., Dunnville, Ontario N1A 1H7 (905) 774-8725. Check out the website here!

sweet retrospect 2






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